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Frequently Asked Questions


Before I arrive


What should I pack?


When travelling to the Maldives, you can travel light. The essentials are:


  • Sunscreen – at least factor 30.

  • Swimming gear

  • All your toiletries

  • All medication you currently take and any remedies you may rely on

  • Tablet, e-reader or book

  • A hat, to protect you from the sun

  • Sunglasses

  • Flip flops

  • A rash vest or UV protection top, to wear in the sea.

  • Loose, comfortable clothing

  • Women should pack clothing that will cover from their shoulders to the knees, for walking around the island, away from the hotel.

  • All your dive certification cards and logbooks

  • If you wear glasses, we recommend you invest in a prescription mask.

  • If you have your own diving or snorkeling equipment, we recommend you bring it all. However, we do have equipment to rent in our dive school.

  • When packing, you should remember that Dharavandhoo Island is remote so do not rely on picking something up when you get here.

  • Also – please be aware that certain items are illegal in the Maldives (see the next question). 


Is there anything I’m not allowed to bring into the country?


As the Maldives is a Muslim country, the following items are strictly prohibited and may result in prosecution:


  • Any materials contrary to Islam

  • Alcohol

  • Pornographic materials

  • Pork products

  • Narcotics

  • Fire arms

  • Spear guns


Is there anything I should know about staying on a local island?


Staying on a local island is different to staying on a resort island. On a local island, you will be staying amongst locals and therefore will see a truer picture of what the country is really like. The hotel is in a secluded part of the island. However, when you leave the vicinity of the hotel, you’ll mingle with the locals.

You’ll see the children go to school, the men go to mosque and the women tend to their gardens. It’s a very peaceful, beautiful way of life. Due to this, guests will need to respect local clothing customs. Women especially are encouraged to cover from their shoulders to their knees.


Also, it is illegal to serve alcohol in guesthouses situated on local islands so all our refreshments are non-alcoholic. If you’d like an alcoholic beverage, there are opportunities to visit nearby resorts.


Do I need to get any special vaccinations or shots before I come to the Maldives?


No. Unlike other parts of Asia, there is no need to get any vaccinations or shots before arriving.


Is there Malaria in the Maldives?


There is no malaria in the Maldives and therefore you do not need to take any anti-malaria tablets.


How do I get to Aveyla Manta Village?


The easiest way to reach Aveyla is by domestic flight from Male’ airport. The island we are situated on is called Dharavandhoo and has its own airport. Two companies operate flights to Dharavandhoo; these are Flyme and Manta Air. Flights take about 20 minutes. You can book directly with them online or you can contact Search Maldives at; a travel agency that can arrange everything for you. Aveyla Manta Village can also assist you at


What’s the maximum occupancy of a room?


The maximum occupancy of a room is 3 adults. Standard room rates are for two people sharing. If a third person joins, an extra fee will be charged. Up to two children can join their parents in one room. 

Do you provide cots for young children?


Cots are available on request and must be specified ahead of arrival.

What’s the voltage in the rooms?



What kind of socket is used at Aveyla?


Like almost everywhere in the Maldives, we use 3-pin sockets like in the UK.


Are there a fridge and a kettle in the room?


Yes. Guests can store snacks or medication in their mini fridges and make themselves a hot beverage with their in-room kettle.


Is there a TV in the room? What channels are available?


Yes, each room comes equipped with an LCD TV. News channels, Nat Geo and sports channels are available. Foreign language channels are also available. 


The Hotel Facilities


What do people normally do in the evenings at Aveyla?


At Aveyla, there are a number of things to do in the evening. However, many guests prefer to spend their evenings relaxing with a mocktail on the beach, stargazing and enjoying the tranquillity of the lagoon. We also arrange night dives and night snorkels on request.


Do you offer a laundry and ironing service?


We offer a laundry service but no dry cleaning. Irons are available on request.

I don’t like spicy food. Do you serve European dishes?


Our restaurant offers a range of European dishes, alongside more exotic Asian dishes.


Do you cater to different dietary requirements?


Our menu and buffet cater for vegetarians and Non-vegetarians. However, if you have a different dietary requirement (such as lactose or gluten intolerance), it’s best you contact us to make sure we can cater for your needs.


Do you serve alcohol at the hotel?


As we are situated on a local island, we are not permitted to serve alcohol. However, if you do fancy an alcoholic beverage then there are opportunities to visit resort islands in the vicinity. 


Do you provide beach towels?


Yes, as well as bathroom towels, all guests are provided with beach towels.


Do you have a private beach?


Aveyla is built on the beach and the lagoon in front of the beach is beautiful. Just to the right of Aveyla is a private beach, for all foreign tourists to use, where bikinis are allowed.


Is there Wi-Fi available in the hotel?


We have complimentary Wi-Fi available in the hotel and well as the beach area. 



Is there a better time of year to come if I want to see Manta rays in Hanifaru Bay?


The best time of year to see that large numbers of manta rays is during the peak of the North Western monsoon, which happens during July through to November.

Are there any activity packages I can purchase before arrival?


Yes. Please refer to our packages downloads. 


Are there activities and excursions happening every day?


There are dive and snorkelling excursions scheduled everyday for guests to sign up for.


In addition to this, we have a range of private excursions available on request (see our excursions downloadable).


Are there any activities that are suitable for children?


Children over the age of 8 can sign up for our bubble maker program to try diving for the first time.


Children aged 10 and over can join a Discover Scuba Diving Program or Junior Open Water Course.


We recommend that all children who join our snorkelling activities have previously attended swimming lessons and wear one of our life jackets. 


As well as this, children can also try fishing, kayaking and enjoy a dolphin safari.


We can also arrange local babysitters for parents who wish to enjoy some time by themselves. 


What’s the minimum age requirement for your snorkelling trips?


Children aged 5 and above can join our snorkelling trips. 


Do you have children’s life jackets to rent?


On all excursions, life jackets are complimentary. If you wish to rent at other times (for your time spent at the beach, for example), you may do so.

Scuba Diving


How long do I have to wait after/before flying to scuba dive?


You must wait 12 hours after flying and 24 hours before flying.

I have never scuba dived before – can I still try?


At Aveyla, we are passionate about scuba diving and encourage everyone to give it a try! If you’re not certified, you can join one of our PADI Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) programs to feel what it’s like to breathe underwater. 


After your DSD, you can continue your certification to either Open Water or Advanced level.


Please note:In order to scuba dive, please consult the medical form on the PADI website to ensure that you are fit to dive. If you have certain medical history or conditions, you may have to get a doctor’s certificate before being allowed to dive. Please make sure you do this beforecoming to Aveyla.


What courses do you offer?


We offer all PADI courses up to a number specialties and including dive master.


If you have a specialty course in mind, please contact us before arriving to see whether we can instruct that particular specialty. 


Our most popular specialties are:




Underwater Photography

Fish ID


I haven’t dived for more than six months – will I have to do a refresher dive?

We always recommend that those who haven’t dived for more than six months do an easy dive to begin with. During which, our guide will check that you feel comfortable and might ask you to perform a few simple skills. This will also depend on your number of logged dives.

I don’t want to bring all my dive gear – can I rent equipment from you?

If you have all your own dive gear, we recommend that you bring it. However, if you don’t want to, we do have gear available to rent.


What wetsuit thickness do you recommend?


The water in the Maldives is warm all year round – to the point where some don’t feel the need to wear a wetsuit at all! However, most people like to wear 3mm shorties.

Will there be boat dives every day?

If we have at least two divers signed up, there will be boat dives each day.


In the morning, we normally go for a two-tank dive. In the afternoon, we can arrange a single tank dive.

Can I do a night dive?

Night dives are incredibly fun and can be arranged on request.


In the case of a diving accident, where are the nearest medical facilities?


There is a health centre and a private clinic in Dharavandhoo, both of which can deal with non-life threatening accidents, such as cuts or stings. For more serious accidents, the regional hospital in Eydhafushi is 10 minutes away by speedboat. For suspected DCS incidents, there is a recompression chamber in Kuredu resort in Lhaviyani atoll, which is 1.5 hours away by speedboat. There is another recompression chamber in Bandos Resort, which is 2.5 hours away.


What are the tipping customs in the Maldives?

All services at Aveyla are subject to 10% service charge. This means that additional tipping is not mandatory. However, if you find that a member of staff is particularly helpful during your stay, then feel free to tip them at your own discretion.

Is there an ATM in Dharavandhoo?

There is an ATM machine on the island from which you can get local cash. US Dollars are accepted everywhere. 


What is the currency exchange rate?


Maldivian currency is called Dhivehi Rufiyaa and has a set exchange rate against the US dollar, which is 1 USD = 18.00 Mrf.


Can I settle my bill with my credit card?


All charges from the hotel can be settled by credit card – we accept all major cards, including American Express. 

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