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Aveyla Manta Village 

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Welcome to Aveyla Manta Village, where affordable luxury meets village charm. We offer all the creature comforts of a larger chain, whilst maintaining a rustic, authentic feel. Built in 2014, Aveyla is deeply invested in minimising its impact on the environment and as such all our electricity comes from solar sources.


Located on a tropical island at the heart of the Maldives’ only UNESCO marine biosphere reserve, our beachfront hotel is ideally situated to experience the very best of what this country has to offer. Spectacular marine encounters, breathtaking palm-lined beaches and an authentic island experience combine to make your stay here truly unforgettable. Exotic, secluded and tantalising, Aveyla is one of the last spots on earth where you can truly get away from it all.


At Aveyla, our passion is to exceed expectations; our philosophy is to seize the adventure. These both get wrapped into our mission to provide a five-star experience without the five-star price tag. What’s more, all our staff members are handpicked and highly trained in the hotel’s service and safety standards. The result? The holiday of a lifetime and memories that last forever.

Dusit Thani & Aveyla  

 Experiences a local touch combined with Luxury 


once in a life lime experience with us at Hanifaru Bay 

Dusit Thani & Aveyla  


 Experiences a local touch combined with Luxury 

The island of Dharavandhoo

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Dharavandhoo is a sleepy island. During the heat of the day, the islanders take refuge from the sun. In the evening, many can be seen lining the streets and catching up with their neighbours in their roadside rope chair joalhis. Maldivians themselves are a friendly people and are quiet on the whole. Life winds down by 9pm but starts early with the morning call to prayer and the sunrise.


Sand roads intersect and are lined with colourful bungalows and modest houses. Made until very recently from coral bricks, these picturesque cottages reveal the island’s close relationship with the ocean. Their small gardens burst with banana and breadfruit trees whilst passion fruit vines creep up the walls. Small tubs nurture edible leaves and brightly coloured chillies whilst vast palm trees provide sought after shade.


Despite being home to a domestic airport that runs down the south side of the island, the planes do not disturb the island’s peace.